Đề thi và đáp án môn Anh THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh lần 1 năm 2018

Đề thi thử thpt quốc gia và đáp án môn tiếng Anh THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh lần 1 năm 2018

Question 6: Kate didn’t enjoy the roller coaster ride because it was________ experience of her life.

A. the most terrifying B. the most terrified  C. a most terrified D. far more terrifying

Question 10: Jack has a collection of ________.
A. old valuable Japanese postage stamps B. old Japanese valuable postage stamps
C. valuable Japanese old postage stamps D. valuaable old Japanese postage stamps

Question 12: Jenny: “Was Linda asleep when you came home?”
Jack: “No. She ________TV.”

A. watched  B. had watched  C. was watching D. has been watching

Question 13: This class,_____is a prerequisite for microbiology, is so difficult that I would rather drop it.

A. that  B. when  C. where  D. which

Question 15: Peter: “What________ your flight?”

Mary: “There was a big snowstorm in Birmingham that delayed a lot of flights.”

A. held up  B. postponed up  C. delayed up  D. hung up

Question 17: Jane is talking to Billy about the meeting.
Jane: “Is everybody happy with the decision?”
Billy: “__________________”

A. That sounds like fun. B. Yes, it is certainly.
C. No, have you? D. Not really .

Question 18: Lucy is asking for permission to play the guitar at Pete’s home.
Lucy: “Is it all right if I play the guitar in here while you’re studying?”
Pete: “_________________”

A. Oh, I wish you wouldn’t. B. Well, I’d rather not.
C. Well, actually, I’d prefer it if you didn’t. D. Well, if only you didn’t.

Đáp án môn Anh THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh lần 1 năm 2018

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